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University of Pittsburgh

Research Opportunities


Undergraduate Summer Neuroscience Research Fellowship

Each summer, the Conte Center for the Neuroscience of Mental Disorders (CCNMD) sponsors a full-time, 10-week research experience supported by a $4,000 stipend. The Fellowship provides highly talented freshmen and sophomores with early-career, hands-on engagement in cutting edge neuroscience research. We invite applications for Fellows who would like to participate in the summer research program, offering them:
• Early involvement in guided independent research
• Personal career counseling with highly successful clinical and basic neuroscientists
• Ongoing engagement in a longitudinal program of research
• Peer group training in the skills needed for a successful research career
• Exposure to the clinical challenges of schizophrenia that motivate translational research

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Swanson School of Engineering Summer Research Internships

The Swanson School of Engineering will be awarding a number of undergraduate summer research internships.  These are available only to Swanson School of Engineering undergraduate students.  Each internship consists of a $3500 stipend for the summer.  It is expected that each intern will spend a minimum of 12 weeks (fulltime) working with a faculty mentor.  The faculty mentor may be from any unit in the University; not just the Swanson School.

To apply:
Provide a short proposal for a summer research project (no more than two pages) and a letter of endorsement from a faculty mentor.  That letter should certify that the faculty member is willing to serve as the advisor for the proposed summer project and that the student will be able to work in the mentor’s lab.  As noted, advisors may be from outside the Swanson School of Engineering.  Particular consideration will be given for international opportunities and interdisciplinary projects that would serve to broaden the student’s perspectives. 

Applications should be e-mailed by March 17, 2014 to:
Melissa Penkrot,

Ms. Penkrot will send a confirmation of receipt for your application. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within a week of your submission, please contact her at 412-624-8503 to make sure it was received.

Note that:
Only fulltime undergraduate students are eligible; students who will graduate in April 2014 are not eligible.  Interns are expected to devote fulltime to the project; consequently, an intern may be enrolled in no more than one course during the summer.

All interns are required to submit a two to four page, professional quality paper describing their summer research by September 1, 2014, and to submit a proposal for a poster to be presented as part of Science 2014 in October.


National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates

An interactive tool to help undergraduates find research opportunties offered by government agencies.

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Web GURU, Guide for Undergraduate

An interactive tool to help undergraduates find research opportunties.

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National Institute of Standards and Technology

See Undergraduate Research Summer Opportunities sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Pitt Swanson School of Engineering Bioenginnering Majors, research is a part of the major.

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Council on Undergraduate Research

The Council on Undergraduate Research hosts a Registry of Undergraduate Researchers. The purpose of this registry is to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates who have research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree, with graduate schools seeking high quality students who are well prepared for research. The Registry is open to students and graduate schools in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics/ Astronomy, Mathematics/Computer Science, Economics, Geosciences, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Humanities and Anthropology/Archaeology. Any undergraduate may fill out a simple curriculum vitae form. There is no charge to the student and records will be made available to bona fide Graduate Schools that contract with CUR for this service. Graduate School representatives may contact students to invite applications or visits to the campus and laboratory, or to share information about their research programs and financial support opportunities.

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Post-Doctoral Opportunities

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Financial Support in Graduate School Opportunities

Bridges, GK-12, IGERT, and NSF Grad Research Fellowship programs provide generous stipend ($30,000 per year) and tuition support for students through the National Science Foundation:

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Considering Graduate School

Opportunities at over 150 colleges and universities

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